“The collaboration with VRD has been for our company extremely important in terms of strategic positioning and expansion, and in particular way for the development of a new product - Tenerina Duo - that has allowed us gain international visibility. The Tenerina Duo is now an exclusive product selected by Lufthansa for the upper classes all over the world”


Marco Matteucci - CCO of Rizzati

from research to implementation
of Tenerina Duo
in 3 months

Key implemented actions:

  • New products and formats, able to expand competitiveness.
  • New packaging identity
  • New system of POS elements: displays, gift boxes, tags, etc.
  • Business expansion strategies: new exclusive products for first class Airline catering.

Rizzati Ferrara, the resurgence of an Italian brand of excellence.

Rizzati is an Italian producer of high quality chocolate and candied fruit, recognized by its BIO philosophy and for its historical talent of combining the most finest ingredients.

The brand, despite being one of the victims of the Italian crisis, was however identified as a heritage of excellence and, in 2015, was re-launched to defend the Made in Italy stamp. In 2016, VRD was commissioned to re-think brand positioning by reformulating identity and evolving the product offer. Rizzati brought to the project the biggest challenge: to make the brand legacy perceptible on a multisensory level. The extent of the challenge lay in the complexity of the sector and its products: they are dedicated to a public interested in every aspect of the quality and in the stories behind each product told during the direct sale. The interaction between the storyteller and the buyers leads to a deep knowledge of the excellence of the product, which then becomes immediately apparent in the tasting. How can the same experience be replicated when the product is launched on a large scale? VRD faced the challenge by using a human centered approach throughout the product's lifecycle process - from internal to commercial players, to final consumers - and by developing a strategy in which the product and its identity became the means of success.

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