“We have worked together with VRD Research on the values and objectives of PAPAIZ Group, and mapped the customer desires, their habits and their needs, before getting to the design of the products themselves. The result of this process could only generate products that perfectly address the user’s necessities, and at the same time express the values of the company. The new products have been adopted straight away by the company and by the customers”


Maria Luisa Papaiz Refinetti - Special Projects Director Grupo Papaiz, Brazil


Key implemented actions:

  • 12 new products to be implemented during 8 years by a progressive planning from 2012 to 2020.
  • 4 padlocks in market, opening 3 new sales channels.
  • Patented Invention for improvements in padlock storage systems

Papaiz, the next step for the padlock industry.

Leading Brazilian company producing padlocks and door handles for over 60 years, PAPAIZ Group asked VRD to help them define a new product strategy for their core business: padlocks.

The company is undergoing an Analytical and Strategic Implementation Project designed and executed by VRD. The project includes an extensive analysis of the organisation, focusing on its history, culture, communication, people, customers and products. This human-centred process aims to establish new business opportunities for Papaiz, enhancing brand values by running a regional project that would fascinate and meet the Brazilian market’s needs by translating local habits and desires into innovative business ideas

In 2010, Papaiz and VRD initiated a joint effort to find a way to innovate a product that is essentially blocked in time with significant mechanical limitations, in order to overcome the giant Chinese low cost competitor. The alternative wasn't to compete with price, but with value proposition and commercial channel diversification. As starting point, the process consist in an observational study of the relationship between product, user and space.

The collaboration results, between Papaiz and VRD, are four models of padlocks, launched from 2012 and 2015: Papaiz Active, Papaiz Node, Papaiz Whiteboard and Papaiz Black. Among the three models, the ACTIVE padlock is the one that best embody the human centered values, becoming a symbol of innovation.

During the process of research and design, an opportunity was identified for rethinking the key – the key as protagonist. Portability and integration with the padlock could make all the difference in dynamic situations – like sporting activities – situations in which, often, there is no place to keep a key. This gains relevance on considering that many people prefer a key-operated padlock to protect their personal belongings and that the key is not normally a part of the bunch of personal keys. The Papaiz Active Padlock is dynamic and versatile, a product that solves the annoyance of carrying a loose key by turning the key into an accessory and avoiding accidental loss. The idea of a “wearable key” is achieved in the form of a bracelet, which becomes an optimally during dynamic physical activities. Integrating the key into the padlock – now a single object – brings additional benefits when the padlock is not in use.

Design Awards: Awarded in 5 categories of the Idea Brasil Awards; MCB (The Brazilian House Museum) Award 2012 - Node Padlock; IF Product Design Award 2013 - Active Padlock; IF Product Design Award 2016 - Black Padlock.

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