Spotted is cheaper and faster than traditional research methods as it allows us to talk to a large number of people in their own time.
When can Spotted be used?
Qualitative research:

understand the behavior, expectations or journey of your brand customer..

In-company research:

capture opinions about the company's culture, environment, brand perception, etc.

Ideas valuation:

high features, attention points, battle of concepts - the customer’s point of view about ideas to be launched on the market.

2 to 8
20 to 300
1 to 10

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SPOTTED: VRD’s expertise joins forces with the possibilities of the mobile age.


One of VRD’s strengths is its people focused research process. For each project, a research strategy is custom made according to the project’s challenges and the particularities of the context. Its execution and analysis are managed internally as part of the innovation process. Clients give value to the intelligence behind our research process, as it focuses on vision broadening and a deep understanding of human realities and contexts. Part of this intelligence lies in understanding different view points and in the connections we make across data and information sources. At VRD, the exploratory phase is the main resource for generating new visions, strategies and innovative ideas for products and services.


A demand for our research approach and analysis to be detached from solution materialization brought us to think about a new offer and way of working. This meant a more agile and lower-cost impact research which took shape in what we now call “SPOTTED” – a compact module of strategic research, that uses as its main tool a digital platform exclusively developed by VRD.

Collecting information through a digital platform means carrying out research at a human pace without interference. Here “digital” means to gain time, to facilitate the quantification of qualitative aspects, and above all, to make research accessible and viable to companies of all kinds.


The Web Based application works on any internet browser, allowing an unlimited territorial scope and social context. It delivers punctual research, as well as consumer diaries, and even enables idea evaluation clinics with clients. Images can be used as questions or uploaded as answers, and people can react to them.


As people participate remotely, all data sent through the application is organized, classified, and connected according to VRD’s established parameters. This generates an intelligent database that supports VRD’s team during the analysis and the “spotting opportunities” process. This process, called the “translation process”, is of high strategic value since the purpose of good research isn’t to simply end with the generated data but with an action plan.

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