What we do

We help our clients challenge the present and design their future

VRD Research is a consulting firm which offers services in the area of Strategic Design and Innovation, and conceives products and services through human-oriented processes involving key company players and a multicultural network.


We collaborate with companies of all sizes and sectors, obtaining results on short and long-term projects, adjusting the proposal to budget and specific needs, and defining the project's scope: phases, gateways and the degree of detail and development of the final results.


Our consulting is based on 4 main areas and tailored according to clients' needs.

4 Areas of consultancy
Strategic Innovation

Detect competitive opportunities and shape innovative solutions to strengthen short and long-term strategic planning. Strategic innovation consultancy combines a human-centric approach with divergent thinking in a thorough process. This process stimulates the exchange of knowledge, the construction of a common understanding and collective thinking.

Areas of expertise:
Envisioning the Future
New Business Strategies
Customer Experience
Applied Research

Understand behaviors by combining different viewpoints, uncover details that numbers don’t express and translate data into competitive actions. Applied research consultancy focuses on exploration: understanding people's reality, incorporating the knowledge of experts, learning from peripheral realities and applying creative methods. This process aims to transform data into assertive actions whilst expanding the boundaries of innovation and restoring beliefs.

Areas of expertise:
Human Centric Research
Strategic Drivers definition
Semiotics for Market Research
Co-creation and validation
p&s design
Product & Service Design

Make strategic solutions tangible through a human centric approach and develop, in synergy with clients, a plan for implementation. Products, services, visual identity, digital platforms, packaging, selling supports, merchandising, etc., are all brand message carriers. Product and service design consultancy closes the gap between constraints and the value proposition, and integrates solutions into one system, in order to deliver an assertive brand experience.

Areas of expertise:
Concept Design & Storytelling
Service System Design
Product Design & Industrialization
Implementation Advisory
Educational & training

Disseminate new ways of thinking (to think out of the box and in an integrated manner) while applying this approach to real challenges. Education and training consultancy turns the collective learning experience into a meaningful impact, where a custom-made program is built on real needs. Each program is based on four fundamentals: qualitative research, a human centric process, a design thinking approach and people empowerment.

Areas of expertise:
Fostering Innovation Culture
Design Thinking Dissemination
Human Centric Methodology
Educational Programs
Pocket formats

When there isn’t time nor budget for conventional qualitative research

When your business needs quick wins.

When organizations are willing to introduce Design Thinking as part of a cultural change.

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