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to final concept
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Key implemented actions:

  • Communication tone of voice and identity code.
  • Full product line strategy.
  • New brand identity implemented with success on the Brazilian market.
Wickbold, the brand makeover

Grão Sabor (Grão means Grain and Great + Sabor means Flavor) the top-selling bread produced by Wickbold was launched in 1985 and is the Brazilian leading choice on the market. Its packaging and communication, updated many times, basically referred back to a 1995 redesign and needed to be renewed in order to contend with the aggressive attack of competitors in the same field. Wickbold, in 2014, to prepare the launch and expansion of the Grão Sabor line and segment, decided to embrace the challenge and deeply rethink its communication together with VRD.


At VRD we approached the challenge by starting from a Brazilian point of view over product and brand value and meaning: What does “Grão Sabor” mean to Brazilians? What does the daily consumption of whole grains mean? What does bread mean? How to carry across the meanings about a new segment into the customers’ imagination, and how can this contribute to creating a coherent and innovative brand architecture?


An intense collaboration with Brazilian bread consumers (Grão Sabor consumers and non consumers) started with product understanding and unpacking activities, co-creation workshops, which crossed into concept clinics analysis and concluded with shelf-battle analysis. The full process also included workshops with corporate players, market research, semiotic analysis and strategic path definitions.


The final solution is the result of an iterative approach involving a heterogeneous and eclectic number of viewpoints, that brought to the market a solution that wouldn’t have been possible without this process. The normal packaging of the sector shows as little as possible the bread, which is normally hidden behind many graphic elements, and over-communicates non relevant information. Brazilian consumers guided the process to reduce the design drastically and highlight the bread as it is, and to communicate graphically just what was necessary to push and qualify the difference of the product.


Grão Sabor’s new language reached the market in 2017, with a packaging that emphasizes the main characteristics of Wickbold products, an industrial production able to deliver at supermarket level top artisan quality products with a short shelf-life, and beautiful breads proud of their natural imperfections and differences.

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