Envisioning the future of the trade contact centre, integrating the strengths of diverse teams.

“This project has not only brought about great innovations but has also made us look positively to the future and is now bringing huge gains from a human point of view.”

Alpitour project team member

Alpitour World is the Italian leader in the tourism industry. Since 1947, it has involved millions of customers in unique trips every year. The sales model is structured through a network of more than 2,400 travel agencies and 15,000 partners with whom there is a daily collaboration.

In September 2019, believing in the power of constant innovation, Alpitour started a human-centred, design  process together with VRD to improve operational performance and elevate the quality of the experience for both travel agents and operators.

The approach

We have adopted an exclusive design methodology rooted in Human-Centric Innovation, establishing a customized design process that focuses on individuals and their connections within the B2B relationship at Alpitour’s trade contact center. This approach not only addresses current industry trends but also highlights the perspectives of users and stakeholders engaged in Alpitour’s B2B interactions.

This dynamic approach seamlessly integrated both in-person and remote interactions right from the planning phase, ensuring the smooth execution of all remote activities without disruptions during the challenging times of the pandemic.

The collaborative process engaged over 160 participants, encompassing managers, operators, travel agents, as well as IT and HR departments.

18 months of activity

from research and concept
definition to service development,
prototyping, and guideline definition

5 areas of development

have been identified, and 31
concepts have been defined
to establish the service model

3 interactive prototypes

of the Service Model tested with call center and travel agency operators

Scalable service model

A revolutionary approach to
progressive implementation.

From data and assumptions to decisions

All the insights underscored the importance of striking a balance between organisational matters, autonomy, and systemic streamlining on both sides of the B2B relationship. 

The final solution evolved from a sophisticated iterative process involving assumptions, operational evaluation, strategic assessment, and implementation hypothesis.

The project reached its pinnacle in March 2021 with the launch of an innovative group service model, integrating technological advancements with organisational innovations, all centred around prioritising the human experience. The primary objective was to enhance operational efficiency and elevate the overall quality of the experience for both travel agents and operators.

The new B2B digital service model had its initial releases at the end of 2021 and has been fully implemented since 2023, introducing new features such as Easy Contact, which entirely replaced the classic IVR, and Easy Ticket, enabling the suspension of the traditional email messaging system.

Key implemented actions:

  • New workflows to make all members be and feel involved as part of the team.
  • Enable a successful merger within Alpitour World for the different Alpitour’s companies and brands through tailored tools.
  • Digital transition to increase transparency between travel agencies and the contact centre.
  • Adapting the design process on-the-go to modalities and limitations due to the pandemic.
  • New service model with first releases at the end of 2021 was fully implemented in 2023.

“The excellent VRD team and the rigorous ‘human-centric innovation’ approach allowed us to radically rethink our service model in an innovative way, focusing on the people that use it (travel agencies and call centre operators) and the colleagues who build it day after day. The new service model is not an ‘easy’ theoretical draw; it’s a real pretotype that we plan to realize in the next few months with the IT department that participated actively in all the project’s phases.”

Maurizio Campadello, Head of Special Projects at Alpitour World