“The collaboration with VRD has been for our company extremely important in terms of strategic concept development, and in particular the development of our new line of products which has allowed us to offer new and revolutionary products to the hospitality industry. We received enthusiastic feedback from hotel sector experts and architects around the world, and together with them we are taking our first positive steps in an industry that is considered particularly conservative at first approach.”


Christian Perdomo – CEO of Arcarius Luxguard

from research to industrialization and production
available in two
different sizes

Key implemented actions:

  • Interior and exterior customizable design
  • Patented interface and interaction
  • Product strategies for business expansion
  • Industrialization and production management
  • Material and supplier scouting
Arcarius Luxguard, the German start-up landing

ARCARIUS Luxguard is a German start-up aimed at innovating the safe industry by introducing Next Generation Hotel Luxury Safes. The start-up is based on a very simple but brilliant observation by its founder Christian Perdomo: “when you stay at Luxury Hotels, you realize that there is something out of touch with the service experience offered to you: the safe. It ends up giving you the same security and experience that you get at cheap hotels.” Arcarius was born to respond to this discrepancy, by helping the luxury hotel market and transforming the safe into a unique experience able to improve customer relations and complete the service they offer.


VRD has been commissioned to design and develop strategies and products in this complex luxury segment, where the needs, expectations and experiential level are based on a complex alchemy, where knowledge, habits and daily services are mapping unique expectations, that must be offered and delivered in every interaction with a new product or service.


To achieve the goal we faced the challenge from a human centered approach by digging into every aspect of the relationship with the product (the safe) and its final environment (the Luxury Hotel). The project resulted in a line of safes with a design based on two strategic pillars: German engineering and safe production, and the Italian style and craftsmanship of the material finishing. Each safe produced in Germany is hand finished in Italy before being finally assembled in Germany; a virtuous circle joining two of the most interesting European capabilities.


The full line of safes was launched at The Hotel Show Dubai 2017 with 4 different models each available in two sizes (Babysafe and Medium Size Safe). Each model has a unique and specific design and finishing and are combined with two innovative Interfaces.


The user interface has been completely redesigned and covered by patent. It allows the user to interact with the safe in a special experience; on a physical level, during the direct interaction, and on a virtual level, when personal belongings are on board. The Arcarius Safe is technologically designed to map what is protected, and is able to advise the user (via Arcatius APP) if there is any kind of interference with the safe and its content – for example, the system will advise the user if at check-out time he forgot something in the safe, even if it is a small earring weighing as little as a gram.


For and with ARCARIUS we created a new benchmark in hotel safe security.

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