we make innovation meaningful

for people and valuable for

businesses and organizations

We stimulate changes by delivering new strategic business visions through a human centric process and a creative approach.


We conduct research throughout the whole process as we believe it reveals opportunities and inspires actions.


We make visions tangible by the design of products and services.


We make innovation happen.

since 1994 we have been delivering innovation

to big and small businesses across different

sectors, learning and evolving together.

what we do

We help our clients challenge the present and design their future.

Strategic Innovation

Detect competitive opportunities and shape innovative solutions to strengthen strategic planning in the short and long term.

Envisioning the Future New Business Strategies Customer Experience

Applied Research

Understand behaviors by combining different viewpoints, uncover details that numbers don’t express and translate data into competitive actions.

Human Centric Research Strategic Drivers definition Semiotics for Market Research Co-creation and validation

Product & Service Design

Make strategic solutions tangible through a human centric approach and develop, in synergy with clients, a plan for implementation.

Concept Design & Storytelling Service System Design Product Design & Industrialization Implementation Advisory

Educational & Training

Disseminate new ways of thinking (to think out of the box and in an integrated manner) while applying this approach to real challenges.

Fostering Innovation Culture Design Thinking Dissemination Human Centric Methodology Educational Programs

we are passionate about finding new ways of
understanding people. That's why we created a
digital research platform just for that.
we are aware that time is the first challenge to face.
That's why we created a 10-day in-house program
where qualitative research fosters solutions.
we believe that the workforce is the fuel for innovation.
That's why we created a program where teams learn a
new approach while tackling new challenges.

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Rizzati – Candied fruit and chocolate industry
Identity is about
a dialogue that
Rizzati Ferrara,
the resurgence
of an Italian
brand of
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VRD was commissioned to re-think brand positioning by reformulating identity and evolving the product offer. Rizzati, recognized by its organic ethos and for its historical talent in combining the finest ingredients, brought to the project the biggest challenge: to make the brand legacy perceptible on a multisensory level.

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we are helping General Mills in the development
of new portfolio strategies through a
Strategic Innovation Project

Mapfre – Insurance company
Problem solving
starts with a wider
understangind of
SIMples project,
the optimization
and improvement
of the Insurance’s
call center.
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The BB & MAPFRE Insurance Group is the biggest insurance company in its field, serving more than 36 million clients from all over Brazil. In order to meet all client’s needs, the company has its own call center, formed by collaborators committed with the company mission attending to over 40 thousand calls each day. However, technology and clients new expectations, has brought to call centers the challenge of reinvention. With the purpose, VRD was commissioned to help discover and define the next scenario of the insurance after sales service.

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we are helping Barilla to discover new scenarios for the
future through an Envisioning Project

Case H2OH! – Beverage industry
Big changes are
possible when
change is collectively
total brand
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Launched in Brazil in 2006, H2OH! not only succeeded in conquering the Brazilian market by becoming the number one brand in the segment, but it also defined the new beverage territory of lightly carbonated soda. In 2011, VRD was called upon to help PepsiCo re-think the future of the brand identity by updating brand values in a new visual expression. More than 100 consumers participated in a process that went from research insights to concept, brand architecture definition and implementation. The key to its success was the continuous exchange between the corporate teams and VRD.

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we are helping Roche to discover new service
opportunities through an Applied Research Project

Case Arcarius Luxguard – Safeguard start-up
Implementation is
about orchestrating
resources and
Arcarius Luxguard,
the German
start-up landing
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Arcarius is a start-up that produces high-tech and finely crafted luxury safes for high-end hotels. With the ambition of finding space in a very selective market, VRD has been commissioned to design the new generation of safes with the aim of boosting business and defining new
standards of innovation. With the design and artisanal finishing based in Italy, VRD has orchestrated the production of the first edition of 3 models.

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Wickbold – Bread industry
Packaging is about
expressing brand
values by using
consumer codes
the brand
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From 1938 Wickbold has produced and delivered special bread recipes across Brasil. However the communication system of its Grão Sabor (grain flavour) brand, defined in 1995, remains less attractive among the increasing offer of healthy wholegrain breads in the Brazilian market. VRD was commissioned to re-think the brand communication system: packaging and message; from the understanding of consumers perception of the Grão Sabor values.

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