Educational and training format that aims to engage teams in the expansion of perspectives and the experimentation of new ways of thinking, working and facing challenges.
3 good reasons to plan a Meet
To Meet your people:

work in an integrated way while sharing and stimulating collective thinking.

To Meet your customer:

get closer to your customer through qualitative research immersions.

To Meet a new approach:

stimulate and empower teams by experiencing a new way of thinking over real and relevant issues.

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MEET: new perspectives enable new ways to face innovation.


The process of innovation always requires the right mix of ingredients: time, well-trained minds, and the right amount of resources for research and development. Often, corporate routines and the few resources invested in innovation make people work according to common and standard patterns. Moreover, it often happens that organizations rely on established certainties without questioning or understanding in depth customers’ behaviors and experiences.


One of our main commitments when working with organizations is to turn the consultancy into a collective learning experience. For all these reasons VRD formulated Meet, a learning and training format based on two main elements: the importance of starting every innovation process from a solid base of qualitative research, and the learning-by-experiencing approach that allows participants to have an active role while learning a new way of approaching challenges.

Meet is structured as follows:


1. It all starts with the definition of a real brief, based on the organization's needs. The program is thus defined in order to fulfill educational purposes while useful thoughts and solutions take shape.


2. VRD conducts qualitative research based on the defined brief, using the human centric approach, that allows a deep understanding of the customer's needs and context. Unlike usual training programs that work over existing knowledge, the Meet program brings new stimulating inputs and insights that enrich existing research resources and personal experiences.


3. After gathering information and defining dynamics and tools, a two-day learning-by-experiencing workshop takes place in a "temporary lab" - a free zone dedicated space. During this two-day immersion, VRD guides the team through the innovation process, full of new stimulus and the experimentation of new methods and approaches such as Design Thinking.

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