vrd for rizzati ferrara


Product and communication strategy for an Italian excellence in organic chocolate.

“The strategic collaboration with VRD has been extremely important for our company, especially in the realisation of a product that has enabled us to gain international recognition. The ‘Tenerina Duo’, in fact, was selected by Lufthansa as a product offered in the upper classes worldwide.”

Marco Matteucci, CEO, Rizzati Cioccolato Ferrara

Rizzati Cioccolato Ferrara, is an exemplar of Italian craftsmanship, renowned for its premium organic chocolate and candied fruit. The transition from local to nationwide business brings forth significant challenges, including the conveyance of the values and narrative of a master chocolatier from the atelier to the packaging and stories accompanying each product.

VRD was selected to address this challenge and formulate strategies for Brand Communication and Product Experience in a nuanced segment where interaction and discovery play pivotal roles.

The project led to a comprehensive overhaul of all brand touchpoints, introducing new formats and products. The Tenerina Duo, a downsized version of the typical Ferrara cake, emerged as a tremendous success, driving both sales and international visibility. As an example, in 2018, the launch of the production of the new format exceeded all projections, reaching a total of 200,000 pieces in the first three months.



    Revamping the Iconic Italian Snack: honouring his history, embracing today.

    Envisioning the future of the trade contact centre, integrating the strengths of diverse teams.